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Yet another test

October 27, 2006

This is another test of iceflake to see if everything is working fine on it. I’m thinking about a lot of changes on the site so stay tuned to this blog and the iceflake blog.


Iceflake goes LIVE

October 19, 2006

Iceflake, the site I’ve been working on since what seems like the dawn of time, has finally gone live. This is a combination launch announcement and test entry to see if the site works. What is Iceflake, you ask? It’s a site that brings you all the things your friends create on popular sites like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, and many others. Go check it out. I’m planning to write a longer, more indepth post on the making of Iceflake.

UPDATE: The test worked.  If you go to my Iceflake Profile page you can see this post aggregated on it.