playstation3 for $800?

THere has been some speculation from the media since yesterday that the much anticipated PS3 will cost a whopping $800!!!  if this is indeed true (Sony has not flatly rejected it yet and has actually hinted at a confirmation of the rumor), it could potentially render Sony as practically obsolete.

Perhaps more importantly for the rest of the world, it would mean that Microsoft would yet again become the gatekeeper for one of the mass market’s future entry points into the world of multimedia and information.  The convergence meme that Bill Gates has been touting for years will come true if Sony prices itself out of the market.  This whole idea of a futre in which Microsoft is much more powerful than it is even now is one that I will explore in a longer, more insightful post, but for now, suffice it to say that Sony is slitting its own wrists if it delays and/or launches at anything close to the $800 price point (ugh…marketingspeak spewing out:).


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